Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 6: Day 3

Today I continued to edit and perfect the final presentation to get it ready for Friday.  We had our final Pizza lunch and talk which were always very nice. The afternoon was jam packed getting our final presentations to practice tomorrow to Joe by the end of the day but we got it done. Almost ready to present!!

Week 6: Day 2

Today I continued to work on my final presentation and attempted to fix our broken light source. However I was unable to fix it so that was not good.  After lunch Angela and I presented our presentation to Aly who gave us great feedback and also really liked our progress. So now we are just finishing up and getting ready for Friday!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 6: Day 1

THE FINAL WEEK HAS COME!! This will be a stressful and jam packed week filed with perfecting and practicing our final presentation.  However it will be a great experience to be under a fair amount of pressure to finish on a deadline.  Today i tried to fix the light sours which didn't work out so we will need to get a new light but we do have a temporary light source (not very good quality) just so that the system is working on friday.  Unfortunately,  it looks like we may have to ditch the experiment because we cannot move on without a better quality light lil the one before.

Week 5: Day 5

Today was a fairly slow day which was mainly due to our light sours breaking so we can't progress with the experiment we and planned so we just working on our final presentation.  Angela and I are nearly done with it and are going to begin to practice it next week.  Our final friday cookout was a great one with plenty of food and even some cookies brought by Angela!! we played ultimate frisbee misted of volleyball which was good to change it up.  After lunch I continued on the presentation.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Week 5: Day 4

Today was another slow day at RIT. Not much was able to get done due do the light sours on our camera breaking. This will halt any progress on our experiment because we need pictures for the experiment and without the light no pictures can be taken.   Tomorrow we will talk to Gary about the light and the experiment to see where things stand. Other than that, we visited Yiqun in the Imaging Systems lab to see how they were doing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week 5: Day 3

Today, Angela and I walked in to see the can of adhesive that we have been needing which was a great sight. So we immediately pack up our stuff and headed outside to finish the inside of our box (we had to go outside so our room didn't get filled with horrible gasses). That worked very well and now we are letting it set overnight and hopefully tomorrow we will have a completed box. After lunch we went to a couple of talks by the REU students here which we actually very interesting. And finally i left at 3 to go play Footgolf with a few of my friends before my brother heads off to college.

Week 5: Day 2

Today was a slow day at work.  In the morning I worked on the power point and started to begin going through my slides. I had to leave at 11 to go get my military ID which took much longer than expected and i got back to around 2. After that, Angela had already left so i spent the afternoon with Anna and Reagan (two other inters) down in their lab and kept looking at my powerpoint and got to see what they were working on and how they are progressing!!