Thursday, July 16, 2015


Imagine being able to see the unseen? What does air hot air actually look like? Well, using a Schlieren Imaging System both of these questions can be addressed.  The basis of a Schlieren Imaging System is to display density changes in air. It is mainly used in aeronautical engineering to analyze aerodynamics of vehicles and aircrafts. However, current systems are very bulky and hard to align. To fix this, for the remainder of the summer Angela and I are going to work on making the Schlieren System more portable and easier to align. We will brainstorm, design and build multiple systems to perfection which will be followed by a testing phase where we will pick the most suitable design for our needs. This will make it easier to bring places and demonstrate how it works and show off how cool optics is!!!


  1. My favorite post to-date. Engaging lead--like it!

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